Situated in the Lake Region of Central Finland, in Rutalahti village with many outdoor activities. Come and enjoy your holiday in a natural environment, in holiday cottages located on clear-watered, fish filled lakes!

The Kaukola Farm (Kaukolantila) is situated near Rutalahti village, in the former Korpilahti municipality which now is part of Jyväskylä city. The landscape is typical for Central Finland: woods, lakes and cliffs, streams, small forest ponds... In the nearby Leivonmäki National Park you can admire typical marsh scenery and sandy ridges.

The farm was founded in 1950 when farmland was distributed for war veterans and it was named after its founder, Kauko Nieminen. Earlier, milk was produced at the farm and nowadays there are beef cattle and sheep. The current main livelihood – cottage renting – began in the 1990’s and now there are 8 cottages of different sizes for rent. Elisa Nieminen puh: 040-5282674 Vesa & Marjukka Nieminen puh: 040-578 5856, 040-758 5680